Menoquil Contest Winners

A big thank you to everyone who entered the sweepstakes!

The lucky entrants listed below each won a 3-month supply of Menoquil, our maximum strength menopause relief supplement that works quickly to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and more!

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February 2021 Winners

  • Carol Linn (Week of 1st Feb to 7th Feb)
  • Marlene Ramirez (Week of 8th Feb to 14th Feb)
  • Julie Liem (Week of 15th Feb to 21st Feb)

January 2021 Winners

  • Deb Kase (Week of 4th Jan to 10th Jan)
  • Colleen Kelley (Week of 11th Jan to 17th Jan)
  • Lisa Lower (Week of 18th Jan to 24th Jan)
  • Patricia Donovan (Week of 25th Jan to 31st Jan)

December 2020 Winners

  • Julie Runyan (Week of 30th Nov to 6th Dec)
  • Tina Schlegel (Week of 7th Dec to 13th Dec)
  • Janet Miller (Week of 14th Dec to 20th Dec)
  • Josephine McIver (Week of 20st Dec to 27th Dec)
  • Holly Thornton (Week of 28th Dec to 3rd Jan)

November 2020 Winners

  • Brenda Reed (Week of 16th Nov to 22nd Nov)
  • Susie Waters (Week of 23rd Nov to 29th Nov)