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Jill, 53
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Jill is 53 years old and from Michigan. Like most women, when Jill first started experiencing symptoms of menopause, she turned to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), commonly prescribed by physicians to restore hormonal balance. What Jill didn’t realize at the time was that by taking HRT, her risk of developing breast cancer increased greatly due to a hereditary gene she carried; it goes without saying that once this was discovered, both her physician and gynecologist took her off all medications immediately!

Of course, while this prevented one major health problem, Jill still needed to find a solution for her miserable menopause symptoms which included unbearable hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and terrible mood swings, which really took their toll on her quality of life.

As Jill began doing some research into natural, over-the-counter alternatives to HRT, one name stood out as being the top-rated supplement – Menoquil. Comprised of all-natural herbal extracts, Jill’s family doctor agreed this was the best product she could take to reduce all her symptoms effectively over the long term with absolutely no risk to her health.

It’s now over one year later and Jill is thrilled with the way Menoquil continues to provide powerful relief for all her physical and emotional symptoms of menopause, as are the countless friends and family members that she has recommended it to, including her sister and cousins. In fact, Jill loves Menoquil so much that when people ask her to suggest an effective natural alternative to HRT, she doesn’t just tell them about her favorite menopause supplement, she even gives them the link to the Menoquil ordering page!