Frequently Asked Questions

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100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee - Because we’re so confident that you will experience excellent results, we offer a 60-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee!

Q: What should I know about Menoquil?

A: Our cutting-edge herbal supplement is designed to effectively address the numerous unwanted symptoms of menopause and provide comprehensive relief. The Menoquil formulation is comprised of proven, premium quality ingredients analyzed and verified through clinical testing.

Q: Who is Menoquil designed for?

A: Menoquil is formulated for women going through perimenopause and menopause, as well as postmenopausal women. You could benefit from taking the product when you first begin to notice perimenopause symptoms, which can start to occur in women as young as 35.

Q: Can you explain what perimenopause is?

A: The word perimenopause means "around menopause." It is the period of transition that precedes menopause. The time at which perimenopause begins varies from person to person. Some women begin experiencing symptoms in their thirties, while other women do not enter perimenopause until they are into their fifties. Perimenopause is considered complete when one year has passed since a woman's last menstrual period. This transitional phase can last from between two to eight years and is associated with a variety of symptoms. These include irregular periods, night sweats, and hot flashes.

Q: When is a woman considered post-menopausal?

A: Post-menopause refers to the period in a woman's life following menopause. A woman is considered to have reached menopause if she has gone a full year without having a menstrual period. A woman's ovaries are not producing any more eggs by the time menopause arrives, and levels of female hormones have also declined considerably, triggering numerous physical and emotional health issues.

Q: What does Menoquil contain?

A: Menoquil is a proprietary blend of natural and safe ingredients selected for their high levels of effectiveness and their unique properties. There are NO chemically produced compounds, synthetic additives, or fillers in our potent blend. Click here to read more information about the ingredients in Menoquil.

Q: What is the number of Menoquil tablets in a single bottle?

A: A single bottle has 120 Menoquil tablets.

Q: How many tablets of Menoquil are recommended each day?

A: We recommend taking a total of 4 Menoquil tablets each day with water. Take 2 tablets when you wake up, approximately fifteen minutes before you eat breakfast. Take another 2 tablets at night, about an hour before you plan to go to bed.

Q: Is there a guarantee for Menoquil?

A: Yes, every Menoquil purchase is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with Menoquil for any reason, you can send back your bottles within 60 days of your purchase date to get a 100% refund, minus shipping. You just need to contact us to ask for a return authorization number prior to making the return. Click to read the full details of our satisfaction guarantee.

Q: How soon can I expect to see results once I start taking Menoquil?

A: Menoquil is a highly effective menopause symptom relief product. While some women start to notice a difference just 10-14 days after starting to take Menoquil, the amount of time it will take your body to respond can vary based on many factors, including your age and the stage of menopause you are currently in. Occasionally, it may take up to 30 days to experience significant results.

Q: How can I maximize the results I get from Menoquil?

A: Our MENO RELIEF SYSTEM is a two-part menopausal symptom relief system that consists of Menoquil and Progesteril. This pair of all-natural products provides your body with substances that promote optimal hormonal balance. While each product can deliver remarkable results on its own, when they are taken together their synergistic effects alleviate some of the most common symptoms of menopause and help protect the structure and health of bones Click here to read more about the Meno Relief System.

Q: Will Menoquil help with weight loss?

A: Some users do find that Menoquil makes it easier to avoid menopausal weight gain, which can possibly be attributed to stabilized hormone levels. However, the best way to manage your weight successfully over the long-term is to consistently eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis.

Q: Is it okay to take Menoquil with medications?

A: The ingredients in Menoquil are generally regarded as totally safe. However, you should consult a healthcare professional before you begin taking any supplement. This is an especially important step for nursing or pregnant women, people who have medical conditions and/or are taking medications, and individuals with food allergies.

Q: Where do you manufacture Menoquil?

A: We manufacture Menoquil in an FDA-approved facility in the United States. The facility practices rigorous quality control and follows all current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. By adhering to the highest standards, we ensure the safety, effectiveness, and purity of all our ingredients.

Q: Are there any risky ingredients in Menoquil?

A: NO! Menoquil is an exclusive blend of powerful yet all-natural extracts such as chaste berry, black cohosh, soy isoflavones, red clover, and wild yam root. Research has suggested these extracts and others found in Menoquil address numerous menopause symptoms by supporting the body’s natural hormone balance. The ingredients in Menoquil are FDA-approved and are categorized as generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Q: What will occur if I stop taking Menoquil?

A: You should not experience any adverse effects should you decide to stop using Menoquil. However, the symptoms you were having before you started using the product will likely return. For best results, Menoquil should be considered a daily and long-term component of your healthy lifestyle regimen.

Q:Has Menoquil been clinically studied?

A: Yes. There have been clinical studies done on the key ingredients in Menoquil.

Q: How will my order be shipped?

A: We make every effort to maintain our customers' privacy. For this reason, all our orders are shipped using plain packaging.

Q: What will appear on my credit card bill once I have been charged for Menoquil?

A: Charges for your Menoquil order will show up on your credit card statement as “iHealth Fulfillment.”

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements and the supplement product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.