Stop suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.

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97% of women saw a significant reduction in their menopausal symptoms within the first 3 weeks!

Don't let menopausal Symptoms stop you.


Don't let menopausal Symptoms stop you.


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Disclaimer: The Information Found In This Video Is Not Intended To Replace Professional Medical Advice Or Treatment. The Content On This Video Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease Or Medical Condition. Individual Results May Vary.
Disclaimer: The Information Found In This Video Is Not Intended To Replace Professional Medical Advice Or Treatment. The Content On This Video Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease Or Medical Condition. Individual Results May Vary.

Decline in quality of life because of menopausal symptoms is a harsh reality

It’s no wonder so many women find menopause to be such a challenging time. When your hormone levels change so rapidly and dramatically, nothing can prepare you for the physical and emotional symptoms that seem to hit you like a ton of bricks.

Menoquil helps to prevent

Night Sweats

Periods of heavy sweating, or hyperhidrosis, are associated with hot flashes that occur at night.

Mood Swings

Some women experience mood swings so severe they become unable to work or even interact with others.

Hot Flashes

The sudden feeling of intense warmth is usually experienced on the face, neck, and chest.
Maximum strength Menoquil provides natural relief from all symptoms of menopause and can be used at any stage, from perimenopause through to post-menopause. Its doctor-developed formula contains clinically-tested pure extracts specifically designed to work synergistically for faster results. Free from chemicals, additives, or preservatives, Menoquil is 100% safe, so you never have to worry about harmful side effects!†

Why is Menoquil the #1 choice of menopausal women?

Menoquil life-changing benefits


Drastically reduced
Hot flashes & night sweats

Menoquil provides a hormonal balance, quickly reducing uncomfortable hot flashes and night sweats so you can sleep undisturbed.

Fast relief from
anxiety & irritability

MENOQUIL works naturally with your body to prevent the mood swings, anxiety, and irritability that make it so hard to get through the day.

Maintains healthy bone density & promotes weight loss

Menoquil provides complete nutritional support for the long-term health of your bones and prevents the weight gain that often accompanies menopause.

Enhances feelings of well-being & boosts the libido

Menoquil promotes a better mood and increases libido, strengthening your sexual drive & desire.

What makes Menoquil so effective?

Menopause brings challenges due to hormonal disruptions, leading to various physical and emotional symptoms. Menoquil, with its powerful formulation including Black Cohosh, addresses menopausal symptoms effectively by restoring hormonal balance. Clinical studies suggest that regular use of Black Cohosh can significantly reduce hot flashes, making it a potential alternative to hormone replacement therapy.

How can Menoquil eliminate menopausal symptoms?

How can Menoquil eliminate menopausal symptoms?


Reduces Hot Flashes



Reduces Night Sweats

Reduces Night Sweats

Eases Mood Swings

Eases Mood Swings

Promotes Weight Loss

Promotes Weight Loss

Balances Hormones

Balances Hormones


97% of users experienced a reduction of more than 86% in their menopausal symptoms within as little as 3 weeks!†


Powerful proven results

Powerful proven results

Menoquil represents a new standard in menopausal symptom relief and this patented formula was put to the test in a controlled customer satisfaction survey. While the survey asked Menoquil users to track and report their menopausal symptoms level over 28 days, an astonishing number of users reported a measurable reduction in their symptoms during just the first 7 days of using Menoquil.
The incredible benefits didn’t stop there – an overwhelming number of users who continued taking Menoquil reported a substantial reduction in their menopausal symptoms within only 60 days of Menoquil use.†

In addition to these impressive findings, the satisfaction survey also showed that 97% of users with mild to moderate menopause symptoms, found Menoquil to be an effective, safe, and well-tolerated supplement.†

An overwhelming number of participants who took Menoquil as directed experienced drastically reduced hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings and an overall reduction in their menopausal symptoms of more than 86% – in ONLY 3 WEEKS!†
The below percentages are powerful proven results from the study.

the Menoquil edge!



Had reduced hot flashes & mood swings


Had reduced night sweats


Had reduced stress


Had reduced Irritability


Had less difficulty sleeping


Had more energy


An astonishing number of women experienced a reduction of more than 86% in their menopausal symptoms in less than 21 days!†

Why Menoquil?

The secret behind Menoquil's formula

Comprehensive blend of concentrated premium ingredients includes:

This flower contains isoflavones which act like estrogen in the body. They reduce menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. A 3-month trial [1] showed a 73% decrease in hot flashes and improved sleep.
Dong Quai reduces menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats and research [2] shows that it’s more potent combined with black cohosh and red clover. Dong Quai also improves sleep quality.
Wild yam root stabilizes estrogen levels, reducing menopausal symptoms. It also decreases urinary tract infections, uterine cramping, and chronic pelvic pain. Based on one article [3] it has diosgenin, which is an intestinal anti-inflammatory.
Black Cohosh raises estrogen levels and decreases hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. An 8-week study [4] on menopausal women found a significant hot flash reduction, and another [5] showed that this root improved sleep.
Soy isoflavones balance estrogen, increasing menstrual cycle length and reducing breast cancer risk. One review [6] discussed their hormonal effects. They also promote bone health, decrease osteoporosis risk, and reduce hot flash frequency.
Known to ease PMS symptoms, Chaste berry also has numerous benefits for menopausal women, regulating the circadian rhythm and improving sleep quality [7]. One study [8] showed that it reduced menopause symptoms even at low doses.
This resin prevents bone loss, reducing the risk of brittleness and fractures. One study [14] showed that guggul suppressed appetite and improved mood, helping to promote weight loss and support weight management.
Black pepper has the bioactive alkaloid piperine, which greatly enhances nutrient absorption so all the ingredients in Menoquil are at maximum potency. One article [15] discussed the biological properties of piperine.
Calcium is essential to bone health, strength, and density, especially during menopause when bones become weak and susceptible to fractures. A research review [9] confirmed that calcium supports bone and general health in menopausal women.
Phosphorus, with calcium, supports healthy bones. Together they improve bone strength and density, reducing fracture risk during menopause. One study [13] found a positive link between phosphorus intake and bone health.
Green tea balances hormones and alleviates hot flashes, with a 4-week study [12] showing that it decreased their severity and length. It also improves bone strength and density to lower fracture risk while its caffeine content boosts energy and promotes weight loss.
This vitamin boosts calcium absorption for enhanced bone strength and health. It prevents brittle bones, improving density to decrease the risk of fractures. A research review [10] confirmed these bone-protecting benefits.
This vitamin reduces mood swings, and a review [11] found a link between Vitamin D levels and depression in perimenopausal women. It improves calcium absorption for added bone strength and density, prevents bone loss, and decreases the risk of fractures.

The Menoquil formula has a powerful cumulative effect on your system, building in strength over time for complete, long-term support.

Menoquil gets results!
See what our customers are saying…

Disclaimer: All persons providing their testimonials were provided with free a product in return for their honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own and not influenced in any way.

Real success,
real incredible results!

It's A Miracle!! A True Blessing...

“Hot flashes all night. Thought I was going to lose my mind with no sleep. Tried several over-the-counter suggested by my Gyn… not good. Like drinking water, no help. Some even gave me heart palpitations. I took a chance on Menoquil. I will NEVER be without it. In 2 days my flashes were gone!!!!! Been taking 6 months – it’s a miracle!! A true blessing. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!” **
– Linda J.

Menoquil Decreased Night Sweats And Hot Flashes...

“I purchased Menoquil for my mom, who had tried similar products without much success. The product is working great for her so far. She says no other product aside from Menoquil decreased her night sweats and hot flashes. These symptoms had a significant effect on her life for almost a year. It makes me happy to see her feeling so good. I believe in your fantastic product, and the price is great too!” **
-Janice K.
**Success Stories are intended to be anecdotal. Customers may not experience the same results as the ones described in these sample testimonials. The stories provided are representative of comments made by actual satisfied users of Menoquil. To protect our customers’ anonymity, we have not included their actual names, photos, or email addresses.

97% of Menoquil users would recommend to a friend!†

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As the NIH is a trusted source of health information, by inclusion in the DSLD, Menoquil has joined a group of products that seek to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

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Frequently asked questions

Menoquil has powerful benefits for women at all stages of menopause. This includes perimenopause, which may start in your mid-thirties, and post-menopause, the phase that begins when you haven’t had a menstrual period for 12 months. It can also be taken by women who are in menopause due to a hysterectomy.

Our doctor-developed proprietary formula contains an all-natural blend of pure, top-quality ingredients carefully selected for their powerful benefits and high level of effectiveness. Research shows that these active ingredients, which include black cohosh, soy isoflavones, red clover, and dong quai, work quickly to address multiple menopause symptoms by safely restoring the body’s natural hormonal balance.

Yes – Menoquil has been on the market for almost two decades and we continue to be a leader in providing fast, safe, and highly effective menopausal symptom relief to women everywhere.

The powerful Menoquil formula is designed to produce noticeable results, including a reduction in hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings, within only four weeks of use. However, as demonstrated by a consumer survey conducted on Menoquil, when taken according to directions, many women experience a positive difference in symptoms within just the first seven days!

We manufacture Menoquil in an FDA-approved, GMP-certified facility in the USA, which practices rigorous quality control at every stage of production. By adhering to the highest industry standards, we ensure the safety, effectiveness, and purity of every batch of Menoquil we produce.

Yes, before any key ingredient was selected for inclusion in our formula, it was subjected to extensive clinical testing by independent researchers, ensuring that it would contribute to the overall effectiveness of Menoquil.

Your bottle of Menoquil will contain 120 tablets, a one-month supply. For best results, we recommend taking 4 tablets each day with water – 2 tablets when you wake up, approximately fifteen minutes before breakfast, and another 2 tablets at night, about an hour before bed.

Many of our customers find that Menoquil makes it much easier to manage their weight throughout menopause, helping them avoid the extra pounds that women often gain during this time of life. In addition to taking Menoquil, we also recommend eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to ensure you sustain a healthy weight over the long term.

The safe, all-natural Menoquil formula is highly unlikely to interact with any medications you may be taking, but it’s always wise to consult a healthcare professional before you start this or any new supplement. This is especially important for nursing or pregnant women, individuals with existing medical conditions and/ or taking prescribed medication, and those with food allergies.

Absolutely not! We would never compromise the health and well-being of our customers, and for that reason, our formula is 100% free from hormones, chemically-produced compounds, synthetic additives, or fillers. Additionally, every ingredient in Menoquil is FDA-approved and categorized as generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

While it is safe to stop taking Menoquil at any time, you may start to experience the symptoms you were having before using the product once again. Our customers find that making Menoquil a daily and long-term component of their healthy lifestyle regimen produces the best results.

Yes, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return the unused portion in the original container within 60 days of receiving your order, and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price. It’s as easy as contacting us to obtain a return authorization number and then mailing back your bottles. To see our full guarantee click here.

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Supplement Fact
Bonexcin Free
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you can simply return the unused portion in the original container within 60 days of receiving your order, and we will refund you 100% of the product purchase price. A maximum of one unit of a product can be used/opened and the remaining bottles returned are to be sealed and un-tampered in order to receive a full refund. Original shipping and return shipping fees are not included in the refund and are the responsibility of the purchaser. Re-orders represent satisfaction. No refunds will be applied once a re-order has been placed.
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